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Helpful Information

We aim to update this page whenever some new, helpful information is raised to our attention. Please come back often to see what new hints and tips we can offer you.
Helping us to help you
GPs have become busier and busier during the last few years. At North Park Health Centre, we are keen to keep up the high standard of patient care that we hold dear. In order to do this, we have to ensure that our time is used efficiently without compromising our highest clinical quality. Our policy is to work in partnership with our patients. We are always committed to providing the best possible service to you. To help us achieve this, we would like you to consider how you can help us to run an efficient system that is fair to all patients registered at the practice. There are many ways in which you, our patient, can help us to achieve this.
Patients at North Park Health Centre are seen by appointment. If you have an ongoing issue then seeing the same doctor will save you having to cover old ground. We endeavour to fit you in with your preferred GP, though this is not always possible.
Each appointment is for one patient, so if you also want to discuss issues regarding your immediate family (i.e. your son/daughter) then you need to book a second appointment for this. This will ensure that everyone has enough time and the full attention of the doctor.
If you have a number of problems to discuss then you can book a double appointment, which will give you 20 minutes with the doctor. 10 minutes is really only enough time to discuss one major or two minor problems. We don't mind patients with "shopping lists" of problems but we do mind not having enough time to do them justice. We don't like making other patients wait. Alternatively, you can discuss a number of problems over a few consultations on separate days.
Please do not bring problems that are longstanding to appointments that have been made for sorting out emergencies or urgent problems on the day. This invariably makes the consultation run over time and means other patients will be delayed.
We please ask that patients try to arrive punctually for appointments. It might be difficult to believe sometimes, but we do try to run on time! If the doctor has waited 10 minutes for you to arrive then every other patient listed for that surgery will also have to wait 10 minutes more. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late you may have to wait until the end of the surgery or book an alternative appointment. If you cannot attend an appointment or wish to cancel because the problem you had has been resolved then please let us know as soon as possible. There are limited numbers of appointments and if you cannot attend, your appointment will be useful to another patient who also has a need to see the doctor.
Some other ways to speed up consultations
If you think you may have cystitis or a urinary infection, please ask the receptionist for a specimen pot so that you can produce a urine sample whilst you are waiting - we are almost certain to require one during the consultation.
If your child is unwell with pain or fever, do consider giving them some suitable paracetamol before coming to the doctor. The consultation will go more smoothly if your child is not distressed.
Forms, letters and language
If you have forms for the doctor to sign or fill out (e.g. insurance forms, benefit forms, etc.) then please give them to the receptionist to put in the doctors inbox. As these forms take a lot of time to complete, your doctor will not be able to do these in the middle of a surgery.
An interpreter is very helpful if your English is not so good. Given advanced notice, we can always arrange a third-party interpreter; they are very good, professional and discrete. Do bring someone you know along if appropriate, although this is not always the case if you wish to discuss sensitive health-related issues.
Please see our Practice Nurse if appropriate
If you think you have an excess of wax in the ear, please book an appointment one of our Practice Nurses.
Verrucas and warts are best treated at home with verruca paint that you buy over the counter at the chemist; you need to use it every night for 3 months and even then it is only successful in 2 out of every 3 people that try. However, this is the best treatment there is.
Bring enquiries about travel health and vaccinations to the travel clinic that is ran by the nurses, and book a separate appointment for each person.
Routine blood pressure checks should be booked with our Health Care Assistant, who can also check your blood pressure - if this is checked by your doctor at the end of a consultation then it is more likely to be falsely high and may not reflect your normal blood pressure.
Please come for a blood pressure check before you run out of tablets that you may take to control your blood pressure - you should make the appointment in advance so that your blood pressure during treatment can be recorded. This way, we can see whether the treatment is effective.
If you have a dental problem, you need to see a dentist. They are experts in dentistry and will treat you more appropriately.
Accident and Emergency (A&E)
The Accident and Emergency department at Aintree University Hospital provides a service for people who have had accidents. If you have injured limbs and think you might need an X-ray then we can’t do that at the practice, but they can. Use their services sensibly; it wastes your time to come to the surgery only to be told that you need to go to the A&E.
Repeat prescriptions take 48 working hours to process. Asking the receptionist to have prescriptions signed more urgently means that another patient is kept waiting to speak to the receptionist or to see the doctor. If your prescription is not ready, it is often because the doctor wants to check your notes first to decide whether any changes are necessary. Please ensure that your medication supplies do not run out completely before ordering more of your repeat medication.
Please don't ask for doctors to print repeat prescriptions during the consultation if possible. Have the receptionist print the script whilst you are waiting if you need it urgently. There are few situations where this should be necessary if you plan ahead.
Home visits
We can see multiple patients in the surgery in the time it takes to make one home visit. Asking for unnecessary visits at home means other patients wait longer to be seen. We keep your medical records on the computer at the surgery, meaning we may not have access to all your records during a home visit so we would always prefer to see you in the surgery when possible. We would also have the benefit of other facilities at the surgery for performing various investigations and procedures should they be necessary.
Please do not use your doctor as a taxi service. Ask a neighbour to give you a lift or book a taxi. If you can come to the surgery by minicab then you should not be asking for a home visit.
We ask that patients requiring a home visit to please call before 10:00 if possible so that the doctor can plan their visits.
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